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Your Baby Doctor

Pregnancy Testing/Confirmation

Congratulations, once you have missed a period, you should schedule a pregnancy confirmation visit.

During this visit, the health care provider will review your reproductive health.

In order to establish correct dating of your pregnancy and establish a due date, your provider will need to know the first day of your last menstrual period.

Any current medical problems and current medications will be reviewed to make sure they are safe for you to take during the pregnancy.

If you have not started a prenatal vitamin, you will be started on one and a list of safe medications will be given to you to ensure you are taking what is appropriate.

Following your pregnancy confirmation visit, your first  prenatal care visit will be scheduled. During this visit, a healthcare provider will review family history, medical history, medications, and any pregnancy history and an examination will be performed.

At this time, we can also discuss pregnancy and exercise.

In addition, the necessary laboratory testing will be obtained, and a packet of information and office protocols will be reviewed.

Prenatal care requires regular visits to ensure a healthy pregnancy.

Stark Women’s Care Center’s Obstetricians will walk you through your pregnancy every step of the way.

We will talk about your screening options for genetic tests during your first trimester so that you don’t have to worry.

During your second trimester, we offer 3D and 4D Ultrasounds so that you are able to tell the gender of your baby and see his or her chubby little cheeks before the birth.

And, during your third trimester, we will discuss early signs of labor and postpartum care for after your labor and delivery.

Our baby doctors and baby nurses want to provide the best care possible to you and your baby.

Once again, congratulations, we look to sharing this exciting experience with you!

Stark Women's Center Team

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  • Randall Starcher, MD
  • Jason Hoppe, DO
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  • Melissa Vassas, DO
  • Megan Staub, MD

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